Royal Oberoi Resort Hotel
  1. Room bookings
    1. No booking will be considered confirmed until receipt of deposit payment is verified and an email confirmation of reservation issued by the Resort.
    2. The deposit requirement will be advised at the time of booking and the balance is due to be paid in full upon check in at the Resort.
  2. Cancellation Policy
    1. Any advance payment or deposit will not be refunded in the event of:
      • • No show
      • • Cancellation upon arrival
      • • Cancellation prior to the agreed date of departure “early check out”
    2. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to arrival will not be subject to a refund.
    3. In the event of a typhoon, other natural disaster or force majeur preventing travel then a credit will be given for up to one year from the date of arrival. C
    4. Cancellations made 30 – 40 days prior to arrival date will be subject to a one night room charge. 
    5. Cancellations made 41 days or more prior to arrival will be refunded in full.
    6. All refunds will be paid less applicable bank fees and an administration fee of P200.
  3. Tours
    1. Royal Oberoi Resort Hotel (the “Resort”) is not a licensed tour operator and the tours offered through the Resort, unless advised otherwise, are booked with duly licensed and reputable tour operators.
    2. The tours therefore offered are those of the tour operators and the Resort accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever or howsoever caused for anything arising from or in relation to the respective tours and their bookings.
    3. The rates are based on those from the tour operators and are subject to change without notice.
    4. In the event of any tour being cancelled by guests, the applicable cancellation policy will be that of the respective tour operator.
    5. An online booking for tours does not constitute a confirmation or guarantee that a particular tour has been booked.
    6. Once the online reservation is made and a request for tours made by the guest, an email will be sent to the guest with the suggested itinerary for finalization and confirmation by the guest.
    7. With regards the Underground River Tour, additional information including guest full names, ages and nationalities is required in order for the tour operators to obtain the permits from the Underground River Office. This information will be requested once the online reservation is completed. A failure to provide this information timely may lead to the inability to obtain permits.
    8. The Resort is not licensed to obtain permits directly from the Underground River Office. 
    9. While reservations with the tour operators for the Underground River are required well in advance, confirmation of permits cannot be given until the Underground River issues them. The issuance of permits for a particular month does not commence until mid-way through the month prior.
    10. In the event Royal Oberoi facilitates the obtaining of the Underground River permits for guests through its tour operators, the guests will be required to purchase the tour package through that operator. Should the guest decide not to take the tour through that operator then the guest will be liable for the full price of the normal tour, irrespective of amounts paid to others.
  4. Check in and out
    1. Check in time is 2pm and check out time noon. Late check outs are only possible subject to availability, at the express permission of Management and subject to a late check -out fee of P200 per hour. Check outs requested past 6pm will be charged at the applicable full nightly room rate.
  5. Complimentary Breakfasts
    1. Complimentary breakfasts are only served from 6am to 10am. Guests wishing to have a breakfast after 10am will have to order from the regular menu and where the applicable menu prices will apply. 
  6. Emergency Procedures
    1. In the event of a fire or other emergency please follow the instructions placed on the inside of your room door.
  7. Firearms
    1. The bringing in to the Resort of firearms or other dangerous weapons is strictly prohibited and any such items should be left with the Security guard.  
  8. Housekeeping
    1. Each room is provided with a wooden sign. On the one side is written “Make up room” and the other “Do Not Disturb”. If you do not wish housekeeping to enter your room please simply place the “Do not disturb” sign on the outside of your door. If there is no sign or “Make up Room” Housekeeping will enter to make up your room.
    2. Linens are changed every 3rd day and towels every 2nd day. If bedding is soiled then this will be changed automatically. If towels are dirty then please place on the floor so that Housekeeping will know to change them.
  9. Hotel Property
    1. The furniture, fittings, ornaments, carvings, linens, towels, bath robes, slippers and other such items in the rooms and around the Resort belong to and are the property of Royal Oberoi. Each room is checked prior to the arrival of guests and an inventory taken. In the event of any items missing, damaged or broken then Management reserve the right to make an appropriate charge for such missing, damaged or broken items to your account.  
  10. Internet
    1. The Resort provides free wifi. As there is no hard wire service available yet from the telecoms providers in Puerto Princesa to our location, the signal to the Resort itself is wireless and bandwidth is small compared to other countries. Speed can therefore be slow and signal strength can at times be weak, particularly with bad weather and if localized power cuts then the wireless signal to the Resort can be lost.
  11. Laundry & Ironing
    1. Laundry services are available for guests, priced per item. As all clothes are washed by hand and dried naturally please allow at least 24hrs for clothes to be returned. For the business traveler free ironing services are also available.
    2. As a courtesy to other guests, please do not hang your laundry or wet clothes outside your rooms. Please call Reception and Housekeeping will collect and hang upstairs in the drying area, returning to you once dry. There is no charge for this.
  12. Limitation of liability
    1. Royal Oberoi Resort Hotel (the “Resort”) is not in a position to guarantee Guest's safety against events including but not limited to accidents, death, acts of God, flood, riot, theft, or even acts of negligence. All activities have inherent risks to health and safety and the Resort will not be responsible for any eventualities related to any activities or services provided at, by or through the Resort.
    2. The Resort will not be responsible for loss or damage of property left in Guest's room and/or the Resort property during Guest's stay. Guests are advised to obtain insurance to cover curtailment, and loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injuries and money/valuable belongings.
    3. Management can provide safe keeping for valuables and other such personal property. Please ask the Front Office to assist in this regard.
  13. Mini bar
    1. Your room has a mini bar with a selection of soft drinks, beers and wines. These are priced at the same rate as drinks in Resort. Housekeeping checks the contents of the minibar daily and prior to your checking out, recording and replacing any items consumed. This will be charged to your room and can be paid on the settlement of your account. Any breakages will be to your account. 
  14. Outside food and drink
    1. The Resort does not permit food or drinks purchased from outside the Resort to be consumed within the Resort, unless inside your room.
    2. For health and safety reasons the Resort cannot accept raw food purchased outside the Resort for the Chefs to prepare. In the event of any special food requests then please advise Reception and we will gladly accommodate such requests, subject to availability and market prices.
    3. If approved in advance by Management, outside wines or spirits (not stocked or available to the Resort) may be consumed within the Resort grounds but subject to a corkage fee. The corkage fee will be 50% of cost. Management reserves the right to decide what it considers as a reasonable cost for such wines or spirits in calculating corkage fees.
  15. Outside guests
    1. Should outside guests be invited to join you in the Resort’s grounds and pool area they will be required to pay the entrance fee of P150. The Resort has a strict policy on the number of outside guests permitted in the grounds and so please speak with management should you think you are likely to be inviting guests to visit you.
    2. If you are dining with outside guests in the Restaurant there will be no entrance fee.    
  16. Payment
    1. The Resort accepts cash, local cheques and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).  All accounts must be settled prior to departure.
    2. Upon check-in guests will be asked to settle their accommodation bill for the entirety of their stay. In addition, guests will be requested to provide credit card details and sign the registration form provided by the Resort as security for incidentals which may be charged to their room during their stay. 
  17. Room Service
    1. Room service is available from 6am to 10.30pm. There is no charge for room service. Please call either Reception, the Pool Bar or Restaurant to place your order.
  18. Pool and Bar
    1. The pool is open to guests from 6am to 11.30pm and the pool bar from 10am to 11pm.
    2. Please note the pool is long (100ft) and from 5ft-8ft, with the majority of depth over 6ft so guests are reminded to swim within their limits.
    3. A shallow pool of less than 3ft is available for non-swimmers.
    4. While the Resort does have a number of staff qualified in life saving techniques, guests are reminded that they swim in the pool at their own risk.
    5. Use of the life-saving ring around the pool is strictly prohibited unless in the case of emergency.
    6. The Management and staff reserve the right at any time to ask guests to leave the pool if deemed to be heavily under the influence of alcohol or at risk to themselves or others.
    7. Loud noise, running, shouting, screaming or other unsociable behavior will not be tolerated and guests will be asked to leave. 


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